The kennel SVETLANA'S FASHION was founded in the year 1991 and in 1999 was re-registered in the RKF-FCI. The kennel's owner is Svetlana Kuehnel.

our motto is QUALITY against QUANTITY.

The purpose of our breeding's programm is the breeding of the healty dogs with very good psyches and characters, which have very good exterior and are in standard.

Today SVETLANA'S FASHION is the unique kennel in Russia and the ex-USSR, which is searching for and studying the main dog's problems like genetics (different investigations), domestication, origin of the dogs. We are working with the biologists, specialists for genetic, archeozoologists from Russia, Great Britain, Mexico and other countries.

The dogs are not the main cause of my life! It's my hobby!

I'm not living only for the dogs and don't make money on the dogs, just I make good dogs!

I have many other interests like alpine-skiing, cooking, fishing, I like to hear music, read books, visite theatres, cinemas and museums. I like travels and trips with and without my dogs.

I'm a teacher and try do my best for my students.

Copyright “SVETLANA’S FEISHN”©, Svetlana Kuehnel©, 2000-2015

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