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Under the heading "Breeding" are examined questions of breeding and selection of high-breeding dogs. This interests not only the beginner dog breeders; this is interesting to all, with certain exception, but rules without the exceptions - does not occur...

The Category "Breeding" - this is that straw itself, for which can be grasped the beginning dog’s breeders and that "straw", which can be spread to themselves the "metrs". Those times passed, when there were "leaders of the breed", which worked!!! in this post and they had the biological or veterinary formation. The kennel's owner and breeder today solves all problems alone, often completely without managing those knowledge, which accumulated humanity in this field of knowledge. «...Intuition and god helps us!"- more idiotic formulas is difficult to devise! It is not possible to imagine the God which holding a bitch by mating, and it is desirable to ask: "How He prompts or indicates which bitch is necessary to mate, and with which male? By voice or you see the God’s finger?"

For this reasons we decided in this part of the site to place information about the problems of dog’s breeding. A little about genetics (most necessary), a little about the selection, standards, on the value of psyche and a great many other, which composes the basis of breeding. We hope, that this Category of site will be useful to those, who although a little thinks about that, what he(she) makes...


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