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About "who is who" Chihuahua we wrote in category “Chihuahua” at pages “Breeding” and “History”, at this page I’d like to show to my visitors the modern situation in the breed and show the main tendencies.
The modern Chihuahua is too different that we cann’t paying attention to it.
The modern Chihuahuas, which you may see at the shows may be put into next type-groups:

  • HISTORICAL is very seldom, appearing in some kennels non popular among the breeders. Typical for them are long fully muzzle, body format 100-115, very short coat (until 1cm), movements like hounds, character: independent, alert, very hostile to the strange people, loves the family with which it lives. The dog is indefatigable walker. The smooth coated, only. The weight between 1500g and 2300g. Can do long trips in every places (can run more then 15km per walk). Dry constitution type.

    CHIN-PUG-VAVA (British unmuzzled toy-dog) – both smooth coated and long coated, with ultra short muzzle, often broken up face like pug or Japan Chin, with prominent eyes, ears set on low. Often has loose skin, loose-dampish constitution type. Body format is 110-125 Movements: shuffing motion, stilted action. Non-typical for Chihuahua colours – black and white (not tricolour!), white and black, Merle (like dachshund and sheltie), weight between 1300g and 3500g. Can’t move a long time and distances (not more than 500-1000m).

    SPITZ TYPE – appearing from standard dogs. Head in spitz’ type, a little long body (body format until 140), curled tail. Can be both smooth coated and long coated, and “intermediate” type of coat (neither smooth coated nor long coated, coat length 4-5 cm). Usually it is bigger then in standard.

    MUTTS WITH PEDIGREES – «Which breed is this?» or «My puppy is similar a Bulldog, a Great Dane, a Newfoundlend and all Shepherds together…» (Russian child’s song), usually with not full pedigree, in which is typical letter “R” after the cynological union’s name and non full 3 generation in pedigree. Probably, the lovestory’s child of Japan Chin and Russian Toy terrier. I haven’t any pictures of this type of dogs, but if you’d like you may see them at shows. I can write some questions of “chihuahua” owners I found in Internet: “I bought a Chihuahua, it is 1.5 months old and its weight is 1.6kg” or “ My Chihuahua female will be 4 months old and she is 2.2 kg, is it not too much???”
    The modern Chihuahuas become differentiated and sometimes, but very seldom as our luck, come to the world the dogs of historical type. But it happens very seldom and we have chance to lost them. We need to separate these dogs into 2 or 3 different breeds. We can’t evade. We can lose them all. In each litter we can get all these types (except mutts with pedigrees). The first signal are teeth. You get puppies with incorrect bites, which is hiding by breeders. Usually it is a overshot. It happens because of matings short muzzled dogs with long muzzled. The overshot is not the “obtained” sign, like and cryptorchism, too, as will be told by some incorrect breeders, who don’t want to be hold responsible for prodused disqualifying faults. These two signs are conditioned by genetic. If the breeder is ignorant, it is his own guilt.

    If you want to be the breeder, you must studying and improving own skills! Like each other job.

    Today’s list of genetically illnesses and uglinesses in Chihuahuas become very long. The guilt – owner’s and breeders’ desire to be famous and to have much money

Also, all dogs must be devided into long and smooth coated dogs, how it’s written in official Chihuahua FCI-standard Nr. 218. But we get the first problems.
Firstly, absolutely smooth coated dog have coat not longer than 5-7 mm (until 1cm for north countries) without undercoat. But such dogs are very seldom now. Most dogs have coat’s length 1.5cm and longer with (or without) undercoat. Is the presence of undercoat fault?
Secondary, often we may see «intermediate variations» - neither long coated, nor smooth coated dog. Coat’s length is 2-3 cm with long coat.
Thirdly, long coated dogs have TOO LONG AND TOO DENSE LONG FINE COAT, what is the main fault by Chihuahuas. The dogs must have long coat at ears, tail and hindquarters. Extremely long coat brought into breed Chin and Papillon, Spitz gave dense undercoat. Chihuahua (historical type) must have harsh short coat. Never fine. Long fine coat have Papillons.

According to Standard Chihuahua must have not more than 3 kg. Some breeders use dogs with disqualifying faults. The stud dogs must be selected very careful, because the male by the age of 7 months can have weight 1900 g and by the age of 5 years (the heaviest weight) he can be 2600g. If you see that will be offered the stud dog with the weight 2.9kg by 1 year old, it means that with 3 years he will be heavier than 3 kg. I want to turn your attention to long coated dogs because we need to count + 300g “for growing coat” It is growing with the dog!
If the responsible kennels have dogs with the weight not more than 2600g and they have tendencies to get dogs with less weight, than in kennels, which don’t pay attention to purebred dogs and its bloodlines and which use dogs with disqualifying fault (the weight more than 3kg). They have tendencies to get dogs with bigger weight and the middle weight is 2600 – 3400g.
For judges: it is compulsory to use electronically scales at EACH show.


Turn yours attention to the head, muzzle and eyes of modern Chihuahuas. Don’t they remind you anything? Correct! They are similar to Japan Chin, which have too stubby blunt wide muzzle and broken up face nasal bone and goggling eyes. Chihuahuas can’t have physically goggling eyes. By other case they could never run in the grass. If we think that Chihuahua is very old breed than it must run over very hot earth (the middle temperature in Mexico is +26degrees) and dry grass. By the height of 25 cm it couldn’t keep their eyes healthy, if they are goggled. It’s impossible.
Some kennels for lightly and quickly glory at the ring mate their Chihuahuas with Pugs or Chins, against to bred and carefully select dogs.

It’s a traditional question, and not only for Russia. At first you have to decide: Which breed (or type) I want to bred? El Chihuahueno? British unmuzzled? Or mutts? After it you have to “clean” your kennel of dogs you aren’t going to use and sale them.
The selection, which has to do correct breeder, is a slow job. Patty Hoover told me about good Xolo: “It is a very slow process to manufacture them.”
You must have a complex breeding and not so “ today are short muzzles in fashion and I’ll bred dogs with short muzzles, tomorrow will be dogs with long body in fashion and I won’t bred dogs with short muzzles, I’ll bred dogs with long body”
The selection demanded from the breeder big knowledge and regular studying, at first in genetic and physiology.

The motto “GOD helps us” can not be in use by selection.

If you want to buy good puppy from professional breeding buy the dog in the age older than 7 months.

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