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My choice - chihuahueno!
Still some years ago I thought, that I know sufficiently well breed and had sufficiently confident reference points: the "leading" kennels in the world and the kennels in Great Britain, ever without a moment's hesitation: WHY precisely Great Britain is the legislator of modes and the native land of breed. This all passed on "hurray" until my July’s litter. Litter as the litter: 3 puppies: 2 females and a male, 2 white and one white & red, 140 g, gotten stuck in the ancestral ways. Apparently, her destination it was overturns my relation to this breed. To say, what this is the special dog, it means not to say anything. This dog is usual by exterior, although as to say, but this is the salient dog on the psyche. Long time I could not understand, why my husband, occupying by the predominantly working dog-breeds, choose precisely her. But, analyzing now that occurred, those dogs, which there is in the kennel, I can say, that aboriginal chihuahueno sometimes is manifested in those admixtures, which poured the Europeans. And I’m very glad, that my kennel has, as the minimum, 2 dogs, the similar on aboriginal chihuahueno.
My fight with chihuahueno
Dog opened eyes, after its 3 days she were placed on the cold floor, and she, without any voice, it crawled forward, investigating the "new spaces" of that accommodation, in which it was located. "This precisely that, what is necessary "- my husband said,- "this dog we will keep for us, rest can be sold ". When dog remained in house, one from all puppies, which were in the litter, appeared the question about that this dog should live or by one, to what it not to got accustomed, or some by another dog, which accustomed to be subordinated. This small puppy, in spite of its small age, it declared its leadership into everybody's hearing: "I’m main here and basta". No reasons of other dogs started: not teeth, not roar, neither so that nor would be still. This dog, and I’m specially will not mention the name of breed, it is more rapid, it is swifter and "more reactive", than all the remaining together. The reaction rate is such in this "girl", that the adult dogs prefer not to be connected with it: well, run here different and it is agreeable. But the conversation of simple - try me to overcome with the younger.
Dog with the strong dry constitution and clear sanguine person, it with lightning speed is straightened with the enemy, especially, if it is clumsy. To climb through between paws and to hit for the neck - there is nothing simpler, for it, but there is nothing worse for the enemy. Clean hunter. If not you do it, that they will gorge you. Reaction rate! When are manifested ancient instincts this not understandably for the majority, especially, if was declaim, that the breed is not working. But where should be to disappear the working historical destination of breed? Dog must work, otherwise it is not necessary. And it must itself obtain to itself food. Otherwise it will not survive. A Dog.
When by puppy of small breed, teeth change themselves, you, it is not dependent on that, what breed you bred, you focus attention on it. With what, they were changed, themselves!!! Even canine teeth. And bite was not "swimming" - scissors. A Working dog. She checks each your motion: hand upward - checking, hand to the boots - checking, laces untied - checking, laces laced - checking... Constant control! This is derived from itself. It is desirable simply to take dog in the armful and to push it so far, so that no one would find it. It irritates. It is terrific. And, suddenly, at dog against the cleanest white colour begins entrench of red speckles!!! Well, everything other not thus, please! From the show - dog to obtain piece incomprehensibly what – this steeply. To sell! But, to whom it is necessary bough, young, with strange colour? You feed it, you give to drink, you give attention to it, and she loves husband, which during 15 minutes in the day plays and caresses dogs flesh! Out from the house! Both! This dog selects one owner, it is devoted to it, it listens to it, but he was first, who gave her from the hands of sterns - meat. Yes, you also worry about it, but you are the servant of their Emperor Majesties. A Dog.
But dog is this relatively peaceful essence. And if you each day sees its houses that sooner or later, you to it get accustomed... And sooner or later this snout becomes lovely dog and you do not visualize that moment, when it for some reasons it can not be in the house. And then different assumptions appear: and it can try that or this? No, this dog will remain in the house. You as you want, and THIS dog MUST be at home. You make fall in love in this dog, when she becomes adult and beginning manifests her working qualities. Represent, you go for a walk with the dog, you approach the pond, dog never saw water, and it from itself goes into the water. Its no one forces. It reacts by raising fur on the withers and by terrible roar, when neighbors walk on stairs area. With what the roar is so malicious and is terrible, that also to assume difficultly, that behind the door in all 21cm in the withers and 1800 grams of weight. When you draw a parallel to the allied breed, that you understand, that speckles are standard and it cannot be differently.
It was worthwhile to go with the dog outside the city, for fishing, as we both "melted". Dog, as it proved to be, does not introduce family in the "separate form" - only "dad" and "mom" together. And if someone departs, this is like a catastrophe family was decomposed! Going in the train and went 130 km without ceremony: “I’m not sleeping... I’m only shutting eyes... But ice-cream is very tasty!!!” It is running free 2 km in the forest. 8 km on the ties - it is normal, if they feed up by wild strawberries, 3km on the mom, because of the gravel, and several times to drink from the lake, with temperature approximately 30 degrees C. To “formation” the dogs of huntsman (up to the Caucasier inclusively) made she without ceremony. Occupied island on the Karelian’s Peninsula and NO ONE it gave there to step: not to fishermen, not to seagulls... In the boat from the moorage sprang she without ceremony and free, she sprang free and from the boat to land. She frightened (together with me) only 2 kg big pike, which was jumping and clicking by teeth in the boat. She saw it for the first time (me, too). Both sat aft, thus far this creature jumped throughout entire boat. But fish soup it was delicious. Both value...

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