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Cordially welcome to the website RKF - FCI of the kennel


As good hostess I would like to show you my very cosy little house (my Website). Now we preparing a new portal, because a lot of people entering to our site. And too many information is ready for your attention! And, the old, good and lovely site was too small for the contact of many people! This time you'll have small difficulties, but it always occurs in a new flat... We are sorry!

Firstly, you should select a language, but you can immediately change it, if it'll be necessary. Use "Select language" and button "Go", which are twice at any page. This site is made for the people, who have interest for the Chihuahuas, its training, care, purchase and for others, "Dogsbreeders". The website was divided into many parts, you can select it at horizontal navigation bar. All Categories have own navigation bars at left part of the page.

There are many good books concerning Chihuahuas, however I wrote my own opinion , how I see the breed and the history of human's and dog's live together. It all you find in Category "History of the dog" Some parts of the site are made for the people, who breed professionel (or halfprofessionel) Chihuahuas, have Chihuahua kennels, would like to buy a dog from my kennel. At the category "Breeding" you find standards of the breed in different variants. "How to bred Chihuahuas? Which problems can occur? Are there any difficulties with birth? Are there rare Colours?". These and other questions are described at the page "Breeding".
For all prospective customers is made category "Chihuahua". At the web page "About Us" is described, what for people we are, which
interests we have and which hobbies we have, and of course, how we came into the dog world and how we won large success. Because not all our friends live and visite St. Petersburg, we made the page "Our St.Petersburg", about our beautiful city, the city of the palaces, which bridges and the city could become acquainted with white nights. If you have the desire to visit St. Petersburg , you may find important information at this page. At the page "Our Winners" can see you all ours "Big Stars" and "Little Stars" (the names of the dogs are written under the pictures). At the side "Photogallery" you find not only moments from the life of my Chihuahuas, but also some other. At the page "Our Suggest" you could see everything that we can offer you at present time. At the sides are the most important information about Chihuahuas in Germany & Russia. At the side "Calendar" you find current exhibition calendar.

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