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"Family" – this page is cool. Here we plan to publish the "secrets" of happy family life. There is, true, have two constant conditions: the first is love, the second - everything should be done together, then so it is not boring, and time flies more rapidly. This relates also to the culinary secrets.
Thus, culinary secrets from "SVETLANA'S FASHION" eggplant (aubergine) roe with the pork (or lamb) "a la partisans" with the red wine
the output of the product: roe - one 3L saucepan, meat - near 1kg, red wine, the dry Cyprus "OTHELLO" 1L (on pair, but it is possible more, it is not limited, on the mood, they will approach also "Alazanskaya valley", "Rkatsiteli", "Bordeaux", "Cabernets", the "Bear’s blood", "Kadarka", but this all "imitation leathers") for the roe: 1.5 kg eggplant (aubergine), 0.5-0.6 kg of Bulgarian peppers (paprika), 1kg of tomatoes (“lady’s fingers”, or any other type with a small quantity of seeds), 3-4 large heads of onion, 1 head of garlic, dill, parsley, kinza, salt, pepper - on the taste. The best taste - during the searing on the olive oil (will descend and sunflower oil, "Ideal").
Wash out vegetables, remove seeds in peppers, cut all in small particles, to prepare for the searing, lay all in different saucepans. Prepare large saucepan, Put there olive oil. Brown all separate and accumulate into the prepared saucepan: eggplants, peppers, half of onions, the remainders of onion fry with the tomatoes, give salt and pepper everything, extinguish 10 minutes on the weak fire, add the ground garlic. Immediately to remove from the fire, give to stay 10 minutes. Serve on the table with the verdure.
"pork a la partisans": onion is turnip-shaped - 1-2 heads, pork (lamb) - 1 kg, beer (or wine) of 1-2 glasses, spice.
Onion with ringlets to throw to the frying pan, greased by good vegetable oil, to brown to the brown color, to add meat, cut by cubes ACROSS THE FIBERS (from lamb to preliminarily clean veins!, most of all they approach barkings, "saddle", blade, the in small particles chopped edges, brisket), to evaporate juice, to brown before the slightly brown color and the appearance of a layer of the baked blood on the frying pan, to add spices on the taste (desirably red pepper, coriander (kinza), dill, dry adzhika), to mix and to flood 1 glass (or more) beer (desirably "Nevskoe original", "Heineken", "Black Swan", or red dry wine, ACID!!!, we do not recommend to use synthetic beer, can come out filth...) To mix, to bring to the boiling and to stewing in the course of 10-15minutes on the weak fire. (large lamb "a la partisan" is prepared on the spit and a little differently, but sense is the same). TO SALT ON THE TABLE!
To serve by hot and with a good mood. To be ready to any actions of opposite partner. We do not answer for his/her reaction. (if it will be too much wine, than there is a possibility of falling asleep, both).

Stuffed pepper to the new harmony

on 2 portions: 3 - 4 red sweet peppers, 200 gr. the ground cheese (better than Gauda), 1 large onion, 500 gr. meat stuffing (beef + pork), 2-3 d. spoon olive oil (or another oil), salt, pepper Peppers to cut in half and to clean seeds (from pedicle not to touch, will otherwise throw out stuffing), to wash, to lay out to the pan (in order not to rub off it for long and persistently, you will place on the pan foil, and to the foil - peppers). Onion to clean, it is in small particles to cut, to passage in the olive oil to the golden color, to add stuffing, to brown, to add salt and pepper, to mix. To lay out stuffing into the cut lobules of peppers, to on top strew by the ground cheese. The oven to heat up 200-220 degrees. In the hot oven to place to bake peppers (about 20 minutes). To give by hot with the soybean sauce and ketchup.

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