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Who are you, Dog?

Or some reflections about origin of the dogs.

Working with the materials, assembled by my wife, I turned attention to the nonconformity to the law of normal distribution of the basic signs of wolfs and dogs and complete nonconformity to the history of humanity with the history of the appearance of a dog of relative. Two basic signs: the dominant behavior of males in the canine flock and the presence of the well set voice, they fall out from the ellipsis of random errors, inside which can be distributed the probabilistic combinations of the genes of wolf. It is present the fluctuation of the law of normal distribution, which absolutely accurately indicates the presence about a systematic error.


The history of the appearance of dogs is described on the basis of the obsolete now polynomial theory of the appearance of man. I.e., man appeared in the different places from the different ancestors and precisely by this the variety of races is caused, nationalities and such like. Occurring in the different places, man domesticated the wild ancestors of dogs (wolves!) and by these, allegedly, and the variety of species is explained. But, in entire time of the reliable history of humanity, it was not domesticated not one wolf! I remember well description of one of the experiences on the domestication of "gray ancestor": in one of the nights the owner of wolf awoke from the wild pain, its ward began to “crackle” with his ankle! If you’ll take any savage-dog, as it did not snap at first, it will become normal dog! Dominant gene pattern of dog, those corresponding for the higher nervous activity it does not make possible for it to count its owner of the probable of outputs. In this is concluded fundamental difference. I dealt concerning one dog, collie, in it, as it was explained later, there has the genetic disease: the hypofunction of the adrenal glands of the IV kind. It never no longer met more malicious dog. To it other dogs crept up only on the belly, themselves! Six months in a row I walked bitten, we explained who from us the leader in the house is. But after that, as finally it was explained, that I’m stronger and I do not absolutely fear it and its teeth, as they substituted dog, with respect to me, all rest it, as before, absolutely it did not receive, only as “output” or "strangers". Could not be preserved this dog, yes even hardly it had although any sense. But, somewhere in the region of the adrenal glands, organ is located, manufacturing substance, controlling aggression, adrenaline. Dogs know how to govern this organ through the brain, wolves - through the spinal, and in the absence of smell, coupled with the feminine sex (with the instinct of multiplication) they receive any moving object as edible. Wolf principally cannot be the ancestor of dogs! But all dogs in the northern hemisphere have genes of wolf to one extent or another, but these are the subsequent stratifications.

"Naked dogs"

After being introduced Xolo, and knowing, what all chief zoologists write about, that in America is limited represented the Cat’s family and there are no canine, besides three dogs: Huskies even two naked - Mexican and Peruvian, I made the following conclusions: wolf dwells only in the northern part of North America and is descendant from Asia, furthermore - coyote, a subtype of jackal, it also descendant from Asia. There are no other canine, but there are two species of the aboriginal dogs of relatives. They cannot be the homeland rocks, since they do not have wild ancestor. Wolves can not throw out their coat, they do not have Hr- gene, naked jackals in nature also it is not encountered. And both ancestors, allegedly, - do not bark. Moreover, dog, in which in the blood too many genes of wolf lose voice. Consequently, the specific gene is controlling the barking, and the transferring of this gene into the recessive state causes the loss of voice. Conclusion - dogs arrived with the man.
But, by reading the history of the America’s discovery, I could not reveal presence of dogs in the Indian settlings. Dogs were only by Eskimos, Maya
& Aztecs, Inca . Remaining tribes did not use dogs, but they were hunters! It means, the population of America occurred separately, in another time, than the appearance of dogs on the American continent.

"Egiptian roots"
I lived for a while in Alexandria and I know sufficiently well the history of this surprising country. After that I saw Xolo, I instantly compared it with Anubis, and about the absence of fur on the statue of Anubis in Tutankhamen's sarcophagus, I had known for a long time. But it did not absolutely give to this of value. I did not know about the presence of aboriginal naked dogs.
Genetic of Xolo: the presence of the lethal gene Hr in the homozygous state, it prompted the reason for the appearance of a cult of Anubis. Animal, which even in the womb of mother brings victim to bloodthirsty god! Any shaman would begin to use this for the erection of whole of religion. But taking into account, that the hunting in the ancient times was the basic method of the obtaining of food, it is possible to visualize with what respect they related to the dog.
In that, that Xolo from Africa, I do not have any doubts. And I know, and I saw it by my own eyes, in Angola, the wild ancestors of Xolo.

"Africa forewer"

In accordance with last studies in the field of genetics of man, what we all is descendants from Africa, it is possible boldly to assert, precisely this dog is ancestor of all dogs on the Earth. Man - hunter departed from Africa together with his assistant. But so that the assistant and his working qualities successfully would be adapted to the new conditions, it poured to its blood of others hounds. So in the blood of Xolo appeared wolves, jackals and others hounds.

Rh Dr Sergey Skuratov


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