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Part 2: Characteristics of the dog physiology and the emergence of the heterogeneous characteristics with Chihuahuas in this part of the article are regarded some characteristics of the dog physiology and also justified the emergence of the heterogeneous characteristics with Chihuahuas.

The ancestor of the dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) is medium sized predator, which lives in the herd, where head of the herd is always a male. The most booty is larger or much larger, than that predator. That is to live on the low country or in the foothills. The dog hunt is as driving (to hunt) to look, but in the opposite to the wolves, which are larger than dogs, are the dogs their booty first out-bleed to leave, which they are to make with for the several sudden exact short bites - the trick, which was made with the crown-similar incisors, violent head revolution and sudden leaving or jump of the attack of the booty. As consequence - several tear wounds, large bleeding, and weakness of the booty with all consequences for it. Savage dog is a very effective predator; therefore humans drew his attention on it! Where the dog lives and hunts, no other predators appear. Since the male is that head of the herd, which does not help to feed puppies, it became possible the wild dogs to tame. The dogs have genetic inclination to the subordination the stronger one, although they are aggressive from nature. If you noticed, all ancestors of the domestic animals had lived in the herds and that head of the herd a male (or an animal of male sex) was always. (a cat is the exception, but they can be called only under reservation as domestic animals.) It makes possible the consequences for the kind of attack to pull that the dominant factor characteristics of each dog were with the conditions of the Wildness, according to our classification, AABB of genes (shears dentures). In the opposite, a striking T-fitting would be completely not possibly to be peeled off for this wild dog the thick skin of the booty. In addition, firmly sitting large firm of teeth and strong mobile neck were used, so that one could bite the booty when running in the parallel course. All these characteristics are completely well in the "wild" breeds seen such as Saluki, Borzoi, and Caucasian Owtscharka. The meat in pieces, chopped or as “dry provender” in Nature is not discovered until today.
If it concerns the Chihuahua, no exceptions could be made here, although one tells and publishes beautiful legends. That was most likely a wind-dog-similar dog or a hunting dog with long legs and short hair dress. The main hiving of this dog were small rodents, bag rats and small hoof animals. It is to have rather long nose. History of the Chihuahua as a "cult animals" is perhaps true, but few convincing. Before 500 years America is "open", main religion in Mexico is Catholicism’s, which does not use cult dogs, in the opposite, fights strongly against each expressions of other religions and cults. In this case the cult dogs are to be destroyed, because serve other cult. The breed was alive however in the 19 Century, i.e., it could be the meal and the place and to performance characteristics had.
Really, I assume the fact that the breed is no more than 100 years old and became particularly and artificially bred, but with the use of the Mexican ancestors. My assumptions are affirmed by changeable phenotype of the breed. For the confirmation of the words attach two pictures, between which only 50 years lie. Do you want to say that these are two dogs of one breed?

If you try an age-old Aborigine breed (such like Caucasian Owtscharka as example) stranger blood lines to interfere, the strange breed solved in 2-3 generations and the descendants a typical phenotype of the Aborigine breed to have.
For example: Moscow protection dog (St. Bernard Dog + Caucasian Owtscharka/"Kaukaser") of the group of breeds it remained only after 2-3 generations breed only weakens" Kaukaser "- the traces of the St. Bernard Dog. As one sees at the left picture, a not particularly large wind-dog-similar dog with long legs was before 50 years of the Chihuahua and the round head and the enough long muzzle. The right picture reminds at the Pug or Japan Chin, with the short legs and extremely short noses. One does not need to state that there are the miracles of the breed. In the right picture a typical half-breed but named "Chihuahua" in Pedigree. The Old breed cannot have an unstable genotype and phenotype! Its reason is in the herd, again: each female will be mated by dominant male, often fastened its Genotype fixed across inbreeding for the dominant factor male.
A little over long coated Chihuahuas. In Mexico, which lies in the proximity of the equator and whose middle yearly temperature +26+32°C is, with the condition that the dogs are low land animals, it is hardly possible to find a gene of the long hair also in the heterogeneous condition. There are no incontestable proofs over developing the breed.
The active development years of the dog nature collapse on the time of the numerous falsifications in the Zoology. All wanted to be and not have like Darwin famous meant at the question, how one achieved the goal. It is very unfortunate that we do not have a possibility of working with the Mexican sources agrees however with the authors, who state that the Chihuahua comes from the Mexican naked dog. I may present to you: it is an ancestor of the Chihuahuas, all different one are products of crossbreeding!

In that time the people had some problem with the central heating, wasn’t air conditions, had one was missing however strong desire at home somewhat something similar in the northern or in the moderate climate to have, small Xoloitzcuintle "dressed" in the assistance any other breeds (most likely dwarf-pointedly and Terrier - age-old breed) and was called CHIHUAHUA. Thus, we have a half-breed, and therefore it has so "flexibly" Genotype. When operating such breeding material one should be very careful! One is to be supposed to hold exactly to know which direction you and for which Result you want to reach. The main role plays here breed standard!
What can give however the standard, which does not contain Control’s numbers except the weight? Nothing! It gives only many possibilities to those, who make the breed falsifications further!

Svetlana Kuehnel & Rh.Dr. Sergey Skuratov 03.06.2005

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