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Part 2-2: Some logical consequences from the press – review.

After we got acquainted with the history of the breed from the German and American sources and impose overhand for comparison of it on the history of the countries and world history, rather clearly we can see the way, which made this breed from its beginning until today. First enthusiasts of this breed, Terrier-breeder, saw most likely small «feathery» Xoloitzcuintle, the dog, which was terrier-similar (seen as terrier), but nothing had common with the Terrier (that is the puppy in the rear plan of the picture).

That is a wind-hound-similar dog, which has harsh coat, so that it could run in the hard high herb. Its performance characteristic was to perhaps search which traces (I can’t correctly translate it). After the problems with acclimatization had the breeders tries to out-breed something similar. Perhaps they did not assume at all, what for a large error they made, because they interfered stranger blood- lines to the uninvestigated dog. The real way by acclimatization of the Chihuahuas would have to be led by the rendition of the coat and the under coat. And how it often happens, so that doesn’t wait for a long time for the resistant characteristic, if it is possible to take it from other breeds, it were other breeds interfered (it is similar to theft, that is however one of the oldest sins...). First dog of this breed were demonstrated dogs -exhibition under the name "Chihuahua- Terrier".

First Chihuahuas had the head of the Xoloitzcuintle, whose form reminds very strongly of the head of the Egyptian God ANUBIS. Not without reason Thor Heyerdahl sailed to America with the papyrus boats! Perhaps would the American dogs have African ancestors? Perhaps do they hold the descent of the group of the dogs, those came from Egypt? Yes! Yes, exactly so! The God Anubis was the companion of humans in the world of the corpses; the dog was the alive embodiment of the God on Earth. The Egyptian boats had direct sail and could not sail against wind, only one direction: from the east to the west and they have never returned! Most likely that explains why the dogs were at the board. Also religious use of the dogs explains in the times, before Columbus came to America.
Afterwards, before the Second World War the Chihuahuas came in Great Britain. And the history of the European "Chihuahua" began exactly here! Someone drew its attention on the notes of James Watson, which announced that the 7-mounths old dog weighed a little more than one pound. Perhaps in the moment someone came on the idea to breed the smallest dog in the world. And from the breed remained only the ears and the tail! Without trace was disappear the muzzle, short nearly rough coat without undercoat, long dry legs and in addition still all performance characteristics was disappeared, too. To the world came "British short muzzled toy – dog", which does not have anything similar with the primary breed, but that kept the name "Chihuahua". Other countries strove with the change of the breed, of course, but the pointer of mode in the dog’s world is and remains Great Britain. In this part of the article I will not discuss to carry out as and in which way it happened, such changes it is however written in the FCI- standard. Long muzzle is a major fault. But what it has to do with the Chihuahua? The "British short muzzled toy- dog" does not have to do anything at all with Chihuahua, using only "alien trademark", which is pursued legally in each country in the world! If you bred new breed, announce over it! Register new name of the breed and live you in peace! Gentlemen behave on such way, only!
The breed is on the crossroad and each breeder should be to decide and selects a way. Do not forget, please, that the breeder is the conservative one! It is responsible for keeping the breed characteristics! But we let the new breeds out-breed the “Selectioners” and they justify then that their new breed is better, as all previous together. But the modern world is to leave happened to the Mexicans justice that they kept one of the oldest breed in the world and we aren’t allowed the precious estate to spoil, which is continued to remove ever from the original.

Rh Dr Sergey Skuratov & Svetlana Kuehnel 03.06.2005

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