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"It’s difficult to be God...»
In the previous part of the article we placed equal sign between the dog of pharaoh's and xoloitzcuintle. Let us try to prove this.

For this it is necessary to know the special features of the physiology of this dog and to transform this to religious feelings of ancient people, unknown with genetics, but be able to control nature, to notice strangeness and special features of the behavior of animals. Xoloitzcuintle simultaneously gives birth to the living and dead puppies of four forms: corpses and naked, naked and living, living and slightly covered with fur, and living covered with fur. This is ensured by the presence in the dogs of this species of Hr-gene, lethal in the homozygous state. I.e., puppy even in the womb of mother is encountered with death. This served as the basis of that, that this animal became the embodiment of the god of death in ancient Egyptians. Why Egyptians? Because in the descriptions of the burials of pharaoh figured god-dog Anubis, which leaves its skin in the sarcophagus of pharaoh. But, as must appear always-alive “god – dog” after that, how he will leave her pelt? By certainly naked!!! You will focus attention on the statue of Anubis in Tutankhamen's sarcophagus! Not one hairspring on the absolutely smooth black skin of the ebony. Egyptologists, apparently, didn’t know of cynological and didn’t turn attention to this completely obvious fact. Moreover, the pelt confused them, covered into the bandages not far from the sarcophagus. But this skin of dressed Xoloitzcuintle! Moreover in Egypt late time no longer there was not one such dog, even ancient Romans did not see these dogs in Egypt and assigned to the head of Anubis similarity to the jackal. And everything was good and it is smooth for all, but in Anubis highly projected very characteristic ears. The ears of jackal resemble in no way these. Three animals possess such ears: hyenic’s dog (Licaon pictus) (“African wild dog” by American classification), Xoloitzcuintle and Peruvian naked dog. Hyenic’s dog (Licaon pictus) was the ancestor of remaining naked; Hr-gene in it is encountered! I saw the pictures of half-naked hyenic’s dogs (Licaon pictus). Dental formula coincides in all three, is encountered primitive "naked mouth", the chamfered croup and tail. But the main thing: All three know how to bark! This is precisely that gene, which radically distinguishes dog from the wolf. Specifically, this condition is not satisfied in other classifications of dogs, rising from the wolf, Canis Lupus. If the wolf does not have this gene, that from where it did undertake in Canis Lupus Familiaris? I am confident, that in the blood of all dogs, to one extent or another, flows the blood of hyenic’s dog (Licaon pictus). But primitive mouth shows to that, that it more ancient animal, than wolf. All of mankind, on last studies, it occurred from Africa, and its motion began on throughout the world from Africa. By first animal, which tamed man, there was dog. In the wild form in Africa there are no other dogs, only hyenic’s (Licaon pictus), and this only wild animal, which barking. Later to the blood of this dog poured the blood of others hounds, most likely wolf, fox and jackal, which served as the basis of today's variety the species of the dog of relative.
Contacts of two civilizations Egyptian and American: they occurred at the end of the ancient reign, when stepped pyramid was the highest reaching of the engineering thought of Egyptians and in the reign there were many Gods. Contacts bore one-sided nature, since vessels with the direct sail armament could not sail against the wind. And they, probably, sufficiently rapidly they would cease, since to constantly send vessels to the West had no economic sense. But, there is sufficiently high probability of that, along the West coast of Africa went the shipping way on the delivery of ebony, growing in equatorial Africa, and requiring for the building of mastabas (necropolis) and the pyramids. In the expeditions the people participated, connected with the building of pyramids, hunters and soldiers. In the region of Gulf of Guinea until today's time not discovered ancient cities, it means it was necessary to obtain ebony independently, to arrange some of camp, to ensure with their foodstuffs and protection. Although, I think, Egyptian city in the jungle of equatorial Africa could exist, simply it yet they did not find or they did not search for. I think, vessels simply fell into the storm and randomly crossed ocean along the line of trade winds. With the discovery of land ways, which became possible with the advent of a horse and wheel, the necessity for similar journeys fell and contacts between the civilizations ceased. But, those Egyptian vessels, on which was sufficient water and foodstuffs they occurred in America and Egyptians became first “conkistadors”. Bronze armament allowed them without the special labor to take authority, to mount its gods, to build pyramids and to transmit the part of its knowledge to another people. With the curtailment of a constant inflow of the forced migrants their culture strongly was transformed, it was covered with legends, and it remained at the level of ancient reign, the not known wheel. The centralization of religion around the already united God-Sun of the Ra is the reason for the absence in late Egypt of these dogs. This occurred, most likely, under the pressure from the side of Assiria, original homeland of mono-theism. The priests of the Ra stopped the building of pyramids, the temples of other gods, and they were straightened with the living god-dog. Moreover, was entire species destroyed, since from the "downy" Xoloitzcuintle it is possible to obtain «naked». But the dressed hybrids they did not touch, they could not remove pelt and become a God.

Rh Dr Sergey Skuratov und Svetlana Kühnel
Breeders and Owners, 03.06.2005

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