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Domestication. Questions and Answers.

Approaching the conversation about the domestication, first of all it is necessary to go away from the Hollywood stereotype, based on the excavations recent (in the historical implication) time. This stereotype ties to us the completely fantastic picture: a little bearded, European race man in the beautiful skin of the killed bear and with the rock axe in the hands leaves for the searches of likable woman in the skin (sometimes in the flowers), by for some reason living separately in another cave, and in which is a fire and a pot, its passionate heart conquers, they settle together and to them to the flame comes the dog (from itself!) and the cat. So allegedly and was domesticated dog (itself!).
But, historically and biologically - this is completely erroneous. According to contemporary studies the ancestors of man conducted pack means, in essence being occupied by collecting. Will focus attention on your's own teeth -its, in essence, are fitted out to the grinding of food. But man is omnivorous, and in its menu protein food always entered, the valuable development of organism is impossible without the proteins of animal origin. However, the speed of the human’s movement is incommensurable it is too small in the comparison with the rate of probable output. World record in the sprint is more than 36 km per hour, only, but even to run with this speed of men can only some more than 10 seconds, further speed begins to fall approximately to 20 km per hour. And these are world records!!! With this speed it is possible to catch frog, snake, snail, mollusks, insects and fish. This ration sufficiently for a long time was the basic protein ration of human. Remaining animals possess larger speed and run away from the potential hunter or they themselves will attack him. Using own intellect, man reasonable was armed; including it developed the different methods of hunting by pack, for that, in order to liquidate deficiency in the speed. But he cannot change himself.
In contrast to the man, dog possesses the possibility to develop speed to 66 km/h and to move with this speed more than an hour. On contemporary studies, to 73% of attacks the packs of wild dogs become successful. Specifically, the luck of dogs in the hunting served as that flame, which attracted MAN to THE DOG! Not vice versa! Described by Hollywood and other motion picture studios the history of domestication substitutes the wild dog of that run wild! Dog is more ancient than the man and it is biologically self-sufficient! Even single dog can obtain subsistence, hunting on the small animals (so they act young dogs and bitches with posterity). Wild beast - predator can approach the man with the sole purpose – to eat him on breakfast.
The joint activity of man and dog on the hunting in the beginning of centuries appeared, apparently, as follows: the small pack of young dogs began hunting in the field of the sight of human pack, when dogs overtook purpose and a little they fortified themselves, people appeared and they drove off dogs from the output. With the large, prevailing, pack such is hardly possible, but young dogs frequently form packs small in composition from the individuals of approximately same age. This hunting method of was preserved also till today. But, a similar proximity hardly took to heart for most canine pack. And dogs departed to hunt to other places. Surely precisely on this, man wanted to tie dog to himself, to domesticate.
Wild dogs use old aardvark‘s burrows for the whelping and raisings of posterity. Puppies are blind and deaf by born, and 10 days they determine their attitude by feel and on the smell. But burrow does not have a water pipe and a basin with the water, the bitch is forced to leave burrow and to go to the watering. At the output from its burrow awaited the "loop" of hunter, the simplest method of catching devised by man. They killed and ate the bitch, and puppies would be put to the feeding women, having preliminarily rubbed the skin by isolations bitches, so that the puppies would not note substitutions. The period of the socialization of puppies begins from the moment of the discovery eyes and continues approximately to three months. Specifically, at this time puppy learns "correct" to react to different stimuli, and it learns its from bitch. You will focus attention on that difference in the behavior of the puppies of domestic dog with respect to the man, which feeds to bitch, and, for example, their relation to the strange dog or the man, with respect to which their mother appeared aggression. Puppies automatically recognize for you, but they try from all weak forces to drive off strange dog or strange person. Dog, grown in the "new" pack, will take to itself not one pack (only if we plant it into the cell together with the different sex savage, a certain time to hold together, and then to transport in the new place and to together let out). By such means of men the packs dependent on it were created. Rejection occurred in essence on the psyche, especially aggressive dogs dispatch to the fodder to man and to other dogs. Not to return output indicated for the dog death. Special attention was paid to the bitches, bitch it should not have manifested aggressiveness with respect to the man. For this before the kinds to bitch they held as close as possible to man and fed them better. If it, nevertheless, manifested the innate reflex of the protection of posterity, it was killed and eaten, and puppies reared man. For this very reason in the frescoes and are encountered with the stone women figures those feeding the puppies with the breast.
Specifically, thus occurred the "domestication" of dog. As soon as this occurred, in man appeared the true helper in the hunting, to protection, yes even it is simple for the soul. And this occurred very long time ago. So long time ago, that the written history of humanity cannot accurately estimate this time. This occurred to that, as men it left Africa in the searches for new places for the hunting, the primary occupation of humanity for a period of 1-2 million years. Therefore on the Earth paleontologists cannot find ancestors Canis Lupus Familiaris. Dogs exist in almost all peoples, but ancestors or there are no properly wild dogs. This is artificial Subspecies, created by man for itself! For their ancestors must not be searched, they thus far anywhere do not be divided. As before they run on the spaces of savanna in Africa, but thankless humanity, which the dog allowed to conquer of this world, passed to the agriculture, it begins on the last islets of the old places of the inhabiting of present wild dog and in the Red Book the alarming record appeared: 5000 individuals, species threatens extinction!
Rh. Dr. Sergey Skuratov & Svetlana Kuehnel
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